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This is CRUNKCORE. DIY music, comics, and other things. Current and past material include H-rock, Vankmen, GodDamnSam, and The insurgents. Check out the info below on past and upcoming releases, mp3's, contact info, links, and more.


EMAIL: crunkcore at hotmail dot com


- "Vankmen - carpathian death rights" on fathme records. In the fought before thought series on 12 inch vinyl, with special limited number colored vinyl. Artwork by FIGHTING. Remixes by eustachian and jay randall of agoraphobic nosebleed.

- "Fruit will rot 3" on deathbomb arc. Nine 3" cdrs with artists eustachian, realicide, baseck, tik//tik, vankmen, unicorn hard on and more.

- Cs40 tape on audiobot by vankmen. More info soon, it will have new songs, collaborations with various artists and such.

- "Vankmen - anthology" cd on realicide youth records. Tracks from the begining from mission: a.p.r to current material, and remixes and new songs.

- Teen suicide 02. 12" vinyl. Tracks by Planetsize, 666gangstaz, The stapler, and H-rock.

- Teen suicide 04. H-rock and vankmen songs. DIRTY RAVER JUICE!!!!

- THEM comics. Finishing the 7th one, will have guest issue by LeftForDead. Number 10 will be all the previous issues in a mag/book style with tons of gore.


01/07 - Heavy circuit bent noise, with a fast sacramento styled extratone speedcore track at the end. 10 copies, stenciled cd and photocopied/stenciled slimer envelope, 25 min with onion paper insertutes.

CC-CD07: VANKMEN - Greastiality Part 2
02/06 - A mixmosh of various types of audio created using recording programs. 3 inches of blood, Andrew W.k, Body count, dr. ugs, IG 88, Passenger of shit, Realicide, Vankmen and more. 3inch painted/hand drawn disc, assembled case with block print headless vader, 20 minutes.

12/05 - Live recording from distorted trauma hardcorebeque 10 in Sacramento, CA. Hardspeedcore spit out with a computer, controller, cd deck and a bass. Cd also contains unknown vankmen mix from 2004. 2 color printed disc and insert, 50 minutes.

09/05 - Feedback with powermetal fused with public enemy and raggacore noise recordings, im crushing your head with speedcore. Last track is some of the live performence at hcbbq 7 (11/20/04). 3inch painted/stenciled disc, handmade package, 24 minutes.

CC-CD04: 7-17-05
08/05 - Assembled cardboard cases, painted and stenciled as well as the cd. Small 4 page booklet with shit images and a euromasters rip.

CC-CD03: The Crunkcore Sampler Vol.2
05/05 - Songs by the Hardcore hoodlumz, Vankmen and H-rock. Realicide audio graff tracks, which are on "burn your underage skin inside my skull" (cide#008). The ending tracks are mp3s of TEEN SUICIDE 01. Paul blackout, H-rock, Kontroversy 396, Heartworm, IG88 and The tyrand and nevermind. Painted/stenciled, with pasted art on yellow envelopes. The back cover was a grip of Dungeon, which is now gone. Big ups majere and elektrosorcery for providing that venue for many a hardcore party, 70 minutes.

CC-CD02: VANKMEN - Greastiality Part 1
11/04 - A computer mashup of speedcore, noise, breakcore and music. Songs by realicide, vankmen, passenger of shit, arcid and dj death and more. It includes the "crazy raver kills vankmen" sticker, which is limited. V painted discs and inserts, 60 minutes.

CC-CD01: The Crunkcore Sampler Vol.1
08/04 - The first CRUNKCORE SAMPLER. It was distributed during a few partys in August 2004. Songs by Vankmen, GodDamnSam, Mitch hedberg and H-rock. The first track, "the crunkcore anthem" was extended and is on the first release of TEEN SUICIDE RECORDS. It also contains an earlier version of Vankmen's "DIRTY RAVER JUICE", 40 minutes.


This disc contains 20 minutes of insanesampleheavyscreamcoreandrewwk gabber tracks! Vankmen and Realicide bring it hardcore on a 3 inch disc, screened and sprayed, TIGHT PACKAGING and screened case.
Obtain thru Rob Inhuman: robinhuman at hotmail dot com H-rock: gabber916 at yahoo dot com

Joshuah - Genre slut 3: mix 3 of 3
Greatest gabber mix of 05 from dj joshuah, has the track "we don't give a fuck" by the hardcore hoodlumz. JOSHUAHARDCORE.COM

Crunkcore Shit 1 - Vankmen: Bring it down
Floppy disc with 1 moshpitmetalcore36mafia hardcore song and a jpeg image, hand assembled case.

CIDE #008 - burn your underage skin inside my skull
Audio vandalized tracks of Robert Inhuman's 3inch disc released in 2003, contains contributed tracks from H-Rock and Vankmen.

Teen Suicide 01 - Various artists
The first release on the sf california label run by rtype. Features tracks from Paul blackout, Kontroversy396, Heartworm, The tyrant and nevermind, Ig88 and H-rock. "The crunkcore anthem", which was on CC-CD01, is on this release.
AVAILABLE @ DR.FREECLOUDS, WRECKED DISTRO, NOISE EXCHANGE and thru rtype himself rtype's contact

Domestic Disturbance 01 - THE DISTURBANCE E.P.
The very FIRST release on Ballistic ali and Splatterhouse's Domestic label. It has tracks by Dj tronic (resistance recordings), Splatterhouse and H-rock.
AVAILBLE @ The resistance online store, rige's vinylshop and thru either ballistic ali or splaterhouse themselfs.